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We act as an intermediary host advertiser of a product comparison platform (the ‘shopexpert.online’ platform). We are dedicated to facilitating an exclusive online venue whereupon shopexpert.online visitors can browse and search products to discover the best products available from some of the EU’s top merchants via their online stores (‘Third Party Retailer Sites’) shopexpert.online is not a retailer, a distributor or an agent. We are an impartial intermediary source and compare service and We have no interest in getting You to pay more than You should.

All products advertised on the Site are owned by, or licensed to, Third Party Retailers. If You see the product You want on our Site, You can click on it and be transported to the relevant Third Party Retailer Site where You shall be able to purchase the product.
All purchases of advertised products take place off the Site on the Third Party Retailer Site and are subject to the Third Party Retailer Terms which will detail the respective obligations of You as the buyer and the Third Party Retailer as the seller including information in respect of refunds, cancellations, returns and exchanges as applicable.

Shopexpert.online cannot make any guarantees to You as to the quality, safety or merchantability of a product which is the sole responsibility of the Third Party Retailer, or that the product details are accurate in all respects and are not false nor misleading as it is Your responsibility to check the products independently. Before purchasing a product, You must satisfy Yourself as to the authenticity of the Third Party Retailer Site and the acceptability of such Third Party Retailer Terms prior to making a purchase. Consequently, You release shopexpert.online (and our agents and employees) from all Claims and Losses (actual and consequential and direct and indirect) of every kind and nature, known and unknown, suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed, arising out of or in any way connected with any product or product comparison promoted on the shopexpert.online Platform and purchased by You notwithstanding the fact that You viewed the product and the product details on the Site before being transferred to the Third Party Retailer Site to complete Your purchase.

IMPORTANT: www.shopexpert.online Users acknowledge that:

→ www.shopexpert.online is likely to have many products advertised on the Site concurrently and any number of www.shopexpert.online Users may choose to click through to the product;
→ www.shopexpert.online do not check, audit, vet, monitor or control: the identity, credit worthiness or bona fides of Third Party Retailers, the security of Third Party Retailer Sites or the accuracy of the product details published on the Site or the Third Party Retailer Sites in respect of the product; and,
→ www.shopexpert.online is not party to any contract that may ensue as between You as a buyer and the Third Party Retailer Site as a seller.
Accordingly, www.shopexpert.online will not be liable to You in relation to any Claims or Losses arising out of any:
→ product purchase;
→ the non-availability of a product;
→ in-correct product details;
→ acts or omissions of the Third Party Retailer; or,
→ the Third Party Retailer Site and Third Party Retailer Terms,
all of which are at Your own sole risk.

The www.shopexpert.online Services offer no advice, recommendations and endorsements in respect of hyperlinks to Third Party Retailer Sites or other third party websites or legal representation under any circumstances. Such hyperlinks are provided for Your ease of reference only and www.shopexpert.online do not endorse such websites or accept any responsibility for the content of such websites and cannot therefore guarantee, represent or warrant that the content contained in the websites is accurate, legal and/or inoffensive or that they will not contain viruses or otherwise impact Your computer. By using these hyperlinks to other websites, You agree and understand that www.shopexpert.online shall not be liable for any loss or damage that may arise from Your use of such hyperlinks.
For each Deal advertised on the Site, www.shopexpert.online shall not be liable to You where such product is no longer available. Market prices for products can be volatile and can change on a regular basis and so too can the prices set for the products advertised on the Site. We cannot guarantee that our Site will always be in sync with the activities of the Third Party Retailers so a delay may be inevitable. Under no circumstances will www.shopexpert.online be responsible or liable for any pricing errors, delays in implementing pricing changes or for the unavailability of products for any reason whatsoever.

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